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Month 1 Week 1 Body Age Reset

Welcome to the Body Age Reset Program.

The first project is to reset our body'a age.

The body age faster than its real age. The amount of food processing and chemicals added to food for flavor that is advertised in the media for us to eat it is increasing which makes makes the body work more.

As we feed the body food for energy, our mind transforms this physical energy we get from food to mind energy or thought energy



for us to use when we participate in feelings and emotions which causes stress.

The stress can be seen in the physical when our pupils dilate, our heart race fast etc.

The more we act out past memories of fears that we run away from in the present, we use mind energy the more we act them out through our behaviors. We then act out our 'positive or negative' thoughts (which are composed of words in our mind) and animate them.

Normally we connect food words to other words within bias - labelling them as 'good or bad', forming a 'love-hate' relationship with food.

If I am eating food while on vacation in another country that I labelled as 'good and tasty' for example, I will be having another thought while eating it or when I leave that country, 'when will I be able to eat in this restaurant again?

Food words can exist without a positive or negative meaning but an essential meaning like a substance that can nourish the body.

Taste makes the food easy to swallow for the body to get nourishment. Taste is not why we eat food.

So in my videos I keep it realistic . I do not lead you to imagine the food as 'good or bad'. I keep focused on what food I am eating at the moment, without making the food more or less than what it really is - a substance for nourishment that the body needs until it doesn't need it anymore.

We have a technology we use that assist us in releasing food word bias which we recommend for you to use at www.juneroca.com.

Please check it out.

I am also advocating that we give gratitude to animals and plants by being here with us in this world.

I also designed this document so that each person will coexist with others eating another diet without judging each other or each other's diet. I can see a world where we stop diet wars and eat practically.

The first week of my first month journey includes recipes or 'meals I ate' videos and a list of food items I used (shopping list).

This document will allow you to download Week 1 of the first month of the program.

The list of 'Diets' and the links are in the document. All you have to do is click on the link for the particular diet that applies to you. Please do not click on other diets that does not apply to you.

I pick one every 3 months who will get free 1 hour coaching, so come and join.


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